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How much does it usually cost to clean my new orleans carpets and rugs?

Question: How much does it usually cost to clean my new orleans carpets and rugs?

Answer: It really depends on what is being cleaned and how many areas you are cleaning. The industry standard in the New Orleans, Metairie, Kenner area is about $30 Per Room (12×12 ) for just basic pre-treat and steam clean. Then there are add-on’s that vary from company to company. You can check out a full price list on our COUPON’S PAGE.  Some examples of add-ons are

Scotch Guard or Fabric Protection

Special Stain Removal

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Pet Odor or Pet Urine Removal

Air Duct Cleaning


It is always imperative that you have a firm written price from your carpet cleaning technician before he starts work. Always ask many questions and get a good feel from him about what to expect the final results to look like. At Nola Carpet Cleaning we always give you a firm price before we even unload our equipment. Always beware of companies that use unethical “bate and switch tactics”. For more information please visit us at our New Orleans Carpet Cleaning Residential Page or call us at 504-684-4394. And last but not least make sure the company has trained technicians and that they are members of a national network of cleaners.

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