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 Biggest Mistakes made when choosing a Carpet Cleaning Company. 

So you have waited till the last minute to get your carpets cleaned and so you just grab the yellow pages and call the first number you see… BIG MISTAKE!!! First of all just because a company is spending tons of money on ads doesn’t make them your best choice for carpet cleaning in your home. Quiet the contrary…. Often the bigger companies who have huge budgets also go through many “poorly trained” employees and therefore you may be getting a weekend warrior or someone who is just filling in part time to make some extra money. There are many reasons this could end up very bad for you. But have no fear!! I am gonna give you some great tips in choosing the right company for your cleaning needs.

NUMBER ONE: Take some time (15 minutes should be plenty) and research the carpet cleaners in your area…. Just google “carpet cleaning with your zip code” and google will provide you a list of companies that are nearest to your location.

NUMBER TWO: Read their reviews!! If a company is worth its salt it will have reviews. Now don’t pay attention if you see one or two bad reviews… that is often the competition of that company spaming them with bad reviews… what you want to look for is a pattern of good reviews and bad reviews…. read them carefully and make notes if needed.

NUMBER THREE: Call several companies and compare their prices and services. Also make sure the company has trained employees and the proper certifications of licenses.

NUMBER FOUR: Ask for insurance info on the company you choose. All good companies will definitely carry the proper insurance.

NUMBER FIVE: And finally ask the company if they guarantee their work. If they are a legitimate company they will ALWAYS guarantee their work NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

If you follow these give easy steps you will assuredly always have a great experience when getting your home cleaned.



Stains: If you can’t take the heat stay out of the carpet.

Nola Carpet Cleaning strives to stay ahead of the competition by innovative technology. Without a doubt the method our New Orleans Carpet Cleaners use the most is steam cleaning because straight and simple IT WORKS. Our new orleans carpet cleaners know that Steam cleaning is a fantastic way to disinfect your carpets and rugs, while also blasting out the stains in a puff of hot steam. The concept behind this system is pretty simple. By blasting out high-pressure steam with an alkaline solution (though the solution may change based on the material being cleaned) mixed in the heat will sanitize and deodorize while the alkaline solution will get out those stains that make your carpet look dingy.

Most steam cleaning machines have agitator brushes that spin and help kick up dirt and mud while also scrubbing away really tough stains that do not want to come up with steam alone. There may even be a steam wand attached that allows the technician operating the machine to thoroughly clean the sofas, chairs, drapes and all other manner of furniture and cloth accessories that adorn your home. This way nothing in your home will be left un-steamed.

This method does require some significant drying time, however. After the detergent is used to clean the carpets and upholstery it needs to dry to a crystalline substance that can be vacuumed up later. This can take anywhere from 4-12 hours. This can create the temptation for the home or office building owner to try and rush the process and move things back into place along the floor sooner, but it is by far the best thing to do to let the drying process finish completely. Otherwise the over-saturation in the carpets can cause other problems such as mold or mildew. This is another big problem that certainly will not add to the cleanliness of the room. A lot of airflow is necessary to help the drying process along. The process can even be sped up by using a lot of fans to increase ventilation.

Though waiting for drying time can seem daunting to busy Americans that want instant gratification for everything, the results will leave even the most impatient customer satisfied.