The Real Cost of Scheduling your New Orleans Carpet Cleaning


So it has come time to schedule your carpet cleaning… and you are not sure who to call. Well let me give you a few tips that will help you make up your mind. First of all never fall prey to the old trick “FREE” or “Half Off”. If anyone is offering you their entire service for “free” then its too good to be true. Make sure you do a google search and read some reviews of the local companies around you. More times than not if a company does not have tons of negative reviews and you can easily find them online.. they are a legit company. Now for the cost… make sure when you call to schedule your cleaning you get an estimate over the phone. Now companies will always have ad-ons than you can purchase, this is very normal and expected… but if they do not come close to the price they quoted you then call them on it immediately !! The industry average is around $30 per room for basic cleaning. And always remember if you are in the New Orleans, Louisiana or Metairie, Louisiana area to call Nola Carpet Cleaning 504-684-4394 and we will always make sure you are happy.